Chris Paul has a few weapons at his disposal, not having David West selects


Another day came, another domino in New Orleans any way, another reason for each section of the hope of reducing that Chris Paul is a Hornet to remain after the deadline next NBA exchange.
Starting Monday, New Orleans has not Batman Robin.
He does not have the confidence of partners, without your teammates, who also bear walking at least 5 seconds in regulation to the left and the way the Hornets by a point or two, was not challenged the peer to multiple winners and the numbers do behind the machine like efficiency.
Forget that David West has not ruled out New Orleans chose his contract and became a free agent, and the safety of franchises, that the Hornet will sign power forward, and their duration.
The implication is that the West is not as again with # 30 in New Orleans, in part, on two premises.
First, the West has never been anything less than prudent, thoughtful, analytical and mature was.
The assumption is that it would not have given up during reconstruction a torn ligament, if you have options. I do not think there are a safe bet for a total unknown in the free agent market if it were known, was that wouldnt get a decent offer. The money in the second was not the driving force behind their actions, then it probably is not now nor will.
Yes, the West has given generously during his Hornet career. Spam is not to eat quickly if you really want. But not when he signed his contract extension to try in 2006 not to break the bank. Scope of $ 45 million over five years may have played one more season, become a restricted free agent, and followed the reef and lower payments for the duration of the agreement, approximately $ 8.3 million last season.
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Hes leaving a guaranteed $ 7,500,000. If he says he is keen to win, not only an excellent season and the playoffs, but capable of realistic position for the NBA title challenge would be smart to believe his word.
Sun wouldnt of man bites dog stuff, if he had less money to play on a championship competitor.
However, its production is expected to take another bite of New Orleans a chance to calm down Paul. If the West is gone, it's a weapon at least one weapon less think Paul has at his disposal, and if you know that, regardless of the owner of the first stage, you do not pay attention to what he said or how they play.
The first Western opposition ignores the fact that the West has a right that is collectively negotiated and won by playing eight seasons. Then, the wailing, the defense does not work, rebound, run the floor, taking care of the ball or speak a foreign language well enough to your taste.
However, it is interesting to note that the 21 players in the NBA last season, averaging 18.9 points compared to its more than 7.6 and 30 rebounds lifted its six power forward, that the first category and 18 in the final were included.
But only five NBA Power Forwards Zach Randolph had Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin and Amare Stoudemire both better in the statistics.
Stoudemire played center and probably as much if not more, than the incident power.
In short, the West can not Dirk Nowitzki, but not the dirt, either.
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No one knows better than Paul, who always relied on the West, 1-2 time All-Star, the team of two in reserve, because it was chosen by coaches in the NBA.
Yes, it was Carl Landry, who filled in well to the west was injured and is in a critical time before this is a good choice for the Hornets. However, Landry is also a free agent who could sign elsewhere, and could actually be a legitimate reason that Landry is only about 20 percent of his 267 NBA games has begun.
Perhaps his strength is to make a reservation as owners.
The West, however, is a proven starter and producer. Hesa respected veteran presence and clear thinking.
The Hornets clearly need more that a few of them.
Not only for Paul please, even if it be a major concern. But because these players, people like the West team to win.
That's what the Hornets have lost Monday when West chose. That, and a little more reason to hope anyone that would go to Paul about his previous commitment.


Oklahoma City Thunder exercise options in the contract of five players

 The Oklahoma City Thunder has exercised the contract options of five players.

The thunder is exercised the fourth year option on guard James Harden, Serge Ibaka guard Eric Maynor and later the center of Byron Mullens and third-year option on center Cole Aldrich.
Harden, who was selected third overall by the thunder in the 2009 draft in the NBA, averaging 12.2 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game in his second season. Harden appeared in 82 games for the Thunder and was the Rookie Challenge 2011 T-Mobile Team and the Youth Jam sophomore selected.
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Ibaka, selected 24th overall in the 2008 NBA Draft, appeared in 82 games (44 starts) for the Thunder in the 2010-11 season. Republic of Congo native averaging 9.9 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.4 blocked shots (third NBA) per game.
Maynor, who at the thunder through the trading 22nd Was purchased in December 2009, appeared in 82 games for the team this season. The product is averaging 4.2 points and 2.9 Engagement helps in 14.6 minutes per game.
Mullen, selected 24th overall in the 2009 Entry Draft to the
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 NBA and appeared in 13 games for the Thunder in the 2010-11 season. Mullens within 14 appearances (14 starts) with the Tulsa 66er, the Thunder D-League affiliate, where he average of 14.9 points and 6.8 rebounds in 27.7 minutes per game.
Aldrich, the number 11 in the 2010 NBA Draft, appeared in 18 games for the Thunder. The product of Kansas appeared in 21 games (21 starts) with the Tulsa 66er, averaging 10.3 points and 8.6 rebounds in 29.3 minutes per game.


Why the new look of the Washington Wizards could be a playoff team in the NBA next season


On 13 April 2011 ended the regular season the Washington Wizards to a loss of what has become of throwing line of professional basketball, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Wizards looked like a team that refused full of talented young players who are more like corpses was played, the team to share the ball effectively and all the players seemed more concerned with their individual statistics for a total team victory.

The coach seemed to mention not all theater, and the isolation and the loss seemed to just keep adding as the fans seemed to believe that the organization would never loose to take on the right path to the playoffs again.

All this culminated on 13 negative pulse April during a season in the playoffs Wizards seemed more likely than a balanced budget by politicians and consultants in the same city.

On this day, we wondered, was the hope we had for the Wizards after being able to write simply false hope John Wall? Mages are always winners again?

Now, just two months and 14 days later, it seems that the Wizards could be a playoff team next season.

The organization has rebuilt Wizards perennial doormat totally a potential winner in the last two months and it began to be any evidence of his basketball miserable past to bury.

That is why the Wizards one of the most significant changes in technology in recent history have been may be. It fans the message that this is not the same team that once seemed the last time the season hits in December.

He gave the players the message that it was the year he was a team, not just a collection of fifteen selfish individuals trying to get paid.

The colors remind fans of the Washington Bullets, and the speed of the fastball, the participants all have an issue suddenly on the national stage. The same team that would have given anything at the local level, only two months and 14 days regardless.
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The Wizards also continued its dramatic transformation for the best project of an NBA team on Thursday evening. Not only the best value for all peaks, which were a team that has forged an identity as a solo version of a poor man in the '05-'09, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns.

The speed of the John Wall will allow you to perform almost all their possessions, and the selection of Jan Vesely, who is finally someone from your own computer, which can be executed with him.

The Wizards lacked a defensive presence last season, and now have the best defensive presence and shot-blocker in college basketball last season to Chris Singleton.

Singleton allow the wall and get in quick strikes Vesely even faster and even allow you to see Washington three-point shooters on the counter.
You can expect that Washington is one of the most exciting teams at national level in the next season, where last season he could not get the attention of the local population in the capital of our nation.
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The Wizards have all their right to vote in the last two months and 14 days to renew a new identity and a sense of the franchise forge.
The career of the new assistants and work together on quick attacks, whereas before they were content to be selfish and twenty wins a year.

This team will be more like '05-'09 Suns convicted support teams of the past. The newcomers have a stimulating effect of chemical aggressive when the management team but not before the administration care if his players used guns at the door.

The Wizards have changed over the past two months and 14 days for a radical change in style and the formation of a clear identity.


Berry Tramel: Even at 94, Marvin Miller would be an advantage NBA players


With the 2011 NBA Draft now in the books, it's time to hand out 30 grades for all 30 teams.

Starting with...

Dallas Mavericks (Inc)

No Draft Picks

It’s all good.

Keep partying Dallas.

Denver Nuggets (B+)

First round: Kenneth Faried

First round: Jordan Hamilton

Second round: Chukwudiebere Maduabum

The Nuggets had a draft a weird draft, in the sense that I like the players they took…just not necessarily with this team.

To a degree, I guess Faried makes sense. Kenyon Martin is a free agent, and Nene has a player option to leave, so I guess he’s insurance should both bolt town.

But Jordan Hamilton? He’s a volume shooter, who jacks up bad shots, has a low basketball IQ (and by “low,” I actually mean non-existent) and plays poor perimeter defense, which is basically the exact way you’d describe four guys that the Nuggets already have.

Isn’t Hamilton just a taller, less tatt’ed up version of J.R. Smith?

As for Chukwudiebere Maduabum, well, just looking at his name on paper is making my head hurt.

Anyone have Tylenol?

Golden State Warriors (B-)

First round: Klay Thompson

Second round: Charles Jenkins

Second round: Jeremy Tyler

With the selection of Thompson in the first round, the Warriors once again proved that some teams just aren’t concerned about winning. After all, how many all-offense, no-defense perimeter guys does one team need? Is Golden State stocking up in case the world comes to an end tomorrow or something?

As for their second-rounders, well, I’m kind of intrigued by Tyler. All jokes aside, this guy was (at a time), the best player in his high school class, ranked ahead of Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, Jared Sullinger and others.

Granted, since then he’s proven to have the maturity level of a 16-year-old girl, but still.

If he ever puts it all together, Tyler could end up being a steal.

Houston Rockets (B-)

First round: Marcus Morris

First round: Donatas Motiejunas

Second round: Chandler Parsons

I bumped this up to a B- only because Marcus Morris had the best line of the night after his brother got drafted, when he said that he’d send him “flowers or fruit or something” when he got lonely (Marcus and his twin Markieff have played together their whole lives). Absolutely classic.

Otherwise, this draft left me unimpressed.

Look, I think that Rockets GM Daryl Morey has gotten a lot of credit that’s well deserved. He’s embraced analytics, is good with the media, and squeezed about as much of the talent he has as anyone could.

At the same time, how many years in a row can the Rockets hang out in this abyss of “fringe playoff team,” without shaking things up? I love Marcus Morris, and think he’s better than last year’s pick Patrick Patterson.

But is he really a guy who is making Houston better going into next year? Is he the missing piece that’ll push them into the playoffs?

Morey has supposedly been collecting assets for years now, wasn’t this the time to either cash some in and try to move up in the draft or get an impactful player in a trade?

I guess my point is this. Even though I had the NBA League Pass last year, I almost never watched the Rockets. Why? Because I always knew what I was getting out of them.

They were a good team that usually beat the bad ones but were almost never competitive with the league’s elite. Again, they’re stuck in an abyss.

And r

Los Angeles Clippers (C-)

Second round: Trey Thompkins

Second round: Travis Leslie

How can you not love the Clippers? Only they would take two guys that were considered underachievers off a college team that wildly underachieved in its own right.

The fact that Jay Bilas said that Trey Thompkins had the body fat of “a sea lion,” probably didn’t make Clippers fans feel better either.

If you are looking for a positive spin however, I’m guessing that Leslie and Blake Griffin are going to have some pretty epic dunk contests after practice next year!

(This article features only the Western Conference Draft grades. To read the ENTIRE Eastern Conference Draft Recap and Grades, please click here. Also, for updates on all his articles, podcasts and giveaways, be sure to follow Aaron on  http://www.twitter.com/Aaron_Torres)

Los Angeles Lakers (C-)

Second round: Darius Morris

Second round: Andrew Goudelock

Second round: Ater Majok

I know nothing about Goudelock. And I know that after watching him play at UConn, Majok will never play a single, meaningful minute in the NBA. Not one.

As for Morris, people keep saying he’s a first-round talent that fell to the second round, but I don’t totally see it.

To me he was a guy who was able to score points in college because 1) He was more athletic than most 2) The competition wasn’t always that good. Putting an athlete like Morris in the Big Ten is like sticking a supermodel in an all boys computer class. It’s not even fiar.

The bigger concern, is that, as I’ve mentioned before, the Lakers need young pieces that can contribute right now. They don’t need stars, since they’ve got plenty of those. What they do need are guys that can come in and play spot minutes, and take some pressure off all the veterans on this team.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure any of these three can do it.

Memphis Grizzlies (B)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s column, I actually thought that entering the draft, Josh Selby would provide some good value for whomever selected him. There are simply too many people, who’ve seen him do too many good things for me to believe that the kid is a total fraud. Makes sense, right?

But Selby to this particular team? Oooo-eee!

There are of course, two ways to look at this.

On the one hand, if there’s one team that can take on a questionable character like Selby, it’s got to be the Grizzlies, right? After all, they did gainfully employ Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and O.J. Mayo last year.

At the same time…the Memphis Grizzlies did in fact gainfully employ Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and O.J. Mayo last year, which has the entire Memphis PD on a constant code red alert.

Add Selby to the mix, and Memphis’ season next year is ending in either one of two ways. Either the team will make another epic playoff run, which may result in an NBA title. Or someone is getting shanked in the shower after a bad loss.

There’s simply no middle ground.

Minnesota Timberwolves (B)

First round: Derrick Williams

Second round: Malcolm Lee

Second round: Targuy Ngombo

To sum up the Timberwolves' draft as precisely as possible, let me share with you what I wrote on Twitter after they selected Derrick Williams. It read, “Poor Derrick Williams. Poor Minnesota Timberwolves. Poor America. Everyone’s a loser on this one.” Three days later, I stand by it.

Look, I could be wrong about Williams, but quite frankly, I don’t think I am. He’s got a great work ethic and awesome athleticism, but I’m not sure that makes up for the fact that he’s got the body of a small forward and the game of a power forward.

To be blunt, I don’t think Minnesota is better today than they were Wednesday.

Speaking of which, you can’t totally blame Williams here either. The Timberwolves have seemingly been drafting in the lottery since Pangaea broke apart and aren’t any better for it. Meaning that I don’t care what the market was, they needed to trade this pick.
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Look at their roster; it’s younger than the demographic at a Justin Bieber concert, which is great if you need a great deal on a keg for Friday night. Just not if you’re actually trying to win NBA games.

It’s like I said before about Houston, it might sound great on paper to say you’re “collecting assets,” but at some point, you need to turn those assets into something. With the No. 2 pick in the draft and those young guys (all of whom I assume are expendable except Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio), the best veteran help Minnesota could get was Brad Miller? Can he even walk? Is he even alive? (Short answers: “Maybe” and “just barely”).

Needless to say, this was a dud for Minnesota. It’s no disrespect to Derrick Williams, but something else, something better needed to be done. And unless it gets done between now, and whenever the first game of the season is, we’re going to be talking about Minnesota in this same regard next year.

New Orleans Hornets (Inc)

No Picks


I meant, I wish I could say the same for…

Oklahoma City Thunder (B+)

First round: Reggie Jackson

I know nothing about Reggie Jackson (except that his candy bars are phenomenal!), but if I’ve learned one thing through the years, it’s to never, ever question decisions made by the Oklahoma City front office. If they say this guy can play, I trust them.

Phoenix (B-)

For everyone making fun of Phoenix for their affinity for continually drafting the crappy, “other,” brother (Taylor Griffin, Robin Lopez), I ask you this: Can you really tell the difference between the Morris twins? I say not.

Portland (B+)

First round: Nolan Smith

Second round: Jon Diebler

Honestly, I didn’t hate this draft for Portland nearly as much as everyone else.

The truth is, the Blazers were a playoff team, and played the future NBA Champs about as tough as anyone did this postseason. They’ve got a nice core with LaMarcus Aldridge, Gerald Wallace and Brandon Roy (if he can stay healthy), plus they upgraded at point guard with Raymond Felton.

This team is already “good,” with the potential to be “really good” and didn’t need to hit a home run in this draft. A couple solid singles up the middle would do.

And that’s exactly what they got in Smith and Diebler. Both are experienced players, come from good programs, have clean backgrounds and are winners. Each will contribute next year.

Sacramento Kings

First round: Jimmer Fredette

Second round: Tyler Honeycutt

Second round: Isaiah Thomas
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I wanted Jimmer on the Kings, and I got it. What more could I ask for? Now let’s just hope that Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and the rest of the gang don’t corrupt him, which very well could happen.

Honestly, I won’t even be surprised to see poor Jimmer on a season of Celebrity Rehab within the next few years.

On a different note, let me go on a quick tangent.

Every year there are always kids that, when they decide to leave college for the NBA, leave us as fans scratching our heads, and saying "what?" This year, for the most part, those guys were Honeycutt, Selby, Malcolm Lee and Darius Morris. When each declared, everyone was kind of confused, and thought for sure they’d end up going in the second round. And they all did.

Look, I know that we’re going on almost two decades of bad early entry decisions here, but they never cease to amaze me. When it’s your life and your livelihood at stake, isn’t spending one more year on campus with the possibility of moving into the first round, better than having to fight for a roster spot, and maybe ending up in the NBDL or overseas instead?

Isn’t Jimmer Fredette a perfect example of that? The dude spent one more year on campus and went from the late second round to early first round.

Now, I understand that for some of these kids, going in the second round might be a better alternative than going back to college for another year. Someone like DeAndre Liggins from Kentucky has a family to support.

At the same time, it’s just disappointing to see kids at 19 or 20-years-old put so much of their futures at risk, and for everyone to see the potential harm except for them.

I wish Honeycutt, Lee, Selby and whomever else good luck going forward. I just wish that they’d either gotten better advice before the draft process, or had listened to the advice given to them.

San Antonio (A-)

First round: Kawhi Leonard

First round: Cory Joseph

Second round: Davis Bertans

Second round: Adam Hanga

I love, love, love the Leonard trade for San Antonio. For a 60-win team to get one of the seven or eight best players in the draft is incredible. What’s really incredible too, is how, despite drafting so late every year, this team continues to re-invent itself with young role players to compliment their veterans.

Every year we keep saying that the Spurs window is closing. And every year they find a way to keep it cracked for just a little longer.

Utah Jazz (A-)

First round: Enes Kanter

First round: Alec Burks

This grade really should be an incomplete, since no one has actually seen Kanter play. But if he’s as good as most seem to think he’ll be, the Jazz very well might’ve gotten the best player in this draft.

Now, how he fits in with Derrick Favors, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap is another story.


Rookie big men have an immediate impact


Celtics president Danny Ainge operations, said after the draft Thursday in the first round of the NBA JaJuan Johnson was easily the best player available when the selection of Boston, but that there is a low-post presence - something the C are in short supply these days - had to be as rewarding as the fact that Johnson still was available.

Currently, Kevin Garnett and Jermaine O'Neal are the only guarantees great to see the list of next season with Shaquille O'Neal to retire, Russia, Nenad Krstic Bolt and Glen Davis ready to test unrestricted free agency. Given the current state of the area in front of the Celtics, much of the conversation last Thursday, the possible impact of the upcoming season by Johnson. Ainge said he thinks Johnson can for a place in the team to compete at once - whatever E'Twaun Moore of the 6-foot guard, said 4-C 55-inch overall pick caught - but he got coach of the Celtics, Doc Rivers a reputation as a captain, who, for supply of a young player with many possibilities.

Part of this is that the championship caliber teams, young players are often not willing to do on a consistent basis. For its part, the river is still unclear how much Johnson will bring to the table the next season.

Depending on how the season shakes, Johnson could be forced to take a role that is required to immediately accept a contribution, like Davis and recently experienced Semih earth during their rookie campaigns be. Earth started seven games last year by C, while the likes of Kendrick Perkins O'Neal and two treated for various injuries.

There are many things that hinder the chances of the Celtics big men, in order to free agency and trade. The current collective agreement expires at the end of the month, and no matter what the new rules, it seems, it is almost certain that Boston is not much, if any, of the salary cap to sign quality free agents.
Above all, the list so exhausted by the time (only Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Jermaine O'Neal, Garnett and Avery Bradley under contract), the C is not a lot of valuable corporate resources.

Ready or not, Johnson could be thrown directly into the fire.
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The fact that Johnson has four years of college experience under his belt should help his cause. It's a sportsman, defensive minded big man (he averaged 2.3 blocks per game during his senior season), the current Big Ten Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year is. Rivers was as if he had showed great maturity in his project, training sessions, which will be derived from four seasons of competition in a conference said.

I mean, of course, many children and many older people tend to start to be better in many respects,  said Rivers.

He needs to learn how the NBA. [Purdue] had a run in the NBA in offensive, so I think in this way, it fit well. It is a confidence is shot.

Ainge said he has higher expectations for Johnson and Moore in their rookie season than him to Avery Bradley, who the Celtics with the 19th Choice in the 2010 draft selected. Bradley was only 19 when the Celtics opened training camp last season and was forced to sit while recovering from surgery on his left ankle, which delays its immediate development.

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But recent trends suggest to limited minutes, at least for the holder of Moore. Ask JR Giddens (8 minutes in six games in his rookie season) or Bill Walker (216 minutes in 29 games) or Bradley (162 minutes, 30 games). Heck, even before Luke Harangody, who was fourth-year player from Notre Dame, appeared for only 241 minutes in 28 games last season before playing in Cleveland at the trade deadline (not to be nearly three times as many minutes just traded 21 appearances).

Johnson can break the trend of the Rookie? Follow the example of other big men like Davis and earth? Only time will tell how long to sign it in the coming season.


Pistons likely to pick up large foreign man in NBA


There is much to-night in the NBA talk.

You hear the Timberwolves at No. 2 as bait for the Suns guard Steve Nash, Pau Gasol Lakers big man (yes, really) is suspended.

You hear the Cavaliers are the No. 4 commercial choice. You try to listen to the 76, the clear front Andre Iguodala before the season.

And you also hear the Pistons point guard Kemba Walker, Connecticut are considering, San Diego State before Kawhia Whathisname Rob Leonard and outside the state of Alaska to pick through the night, eighth

Some rumors have legs and some bunk beds hungry as swimming aids disinformation media for news.

When choosing the Pistons, Joe Dumars, president of the team did not consult. So you admit that what I write is just a guess.

But I think it's a guess. For advice, see a press night Dumars Draft Lottery last month when the decision was the Pistons eighth pick.

If they trade down, or so it seems that the piston coming in January Vesely, Valanciunas Jonas Biyombo Bismack, Tristan Morris Thompson or one of the boys (Marcus or Markieff). The smart money is on a major foreign men: Vesely, Valanciunas or Biyombo.

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The Pistons have invested heavily in researching foreign players the message. Dumars, VP Scott Perry, director of player personnel George David Vesely Valanciunas and has seen countless times.

Dumars Travel First discovered after the end of the regular season in Europe. David Perry and traveled abroad this month to investigate Vesely, Biyombo Valanciunas and much more.

The three members of the Pistons front office also visited New York for the weekend to meet with Vesely.

And Biyombo, back from a disappointing performance in training in Europe, the work went on Monday, on Tuesday in Auburn Hills against Thompson, Markieff Morris and others.

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Some have speculated Morris exercise performance could take him a candidate for the No. 8. In any case, I imagine that their actions could the Pistons forward to the trade are divided.

Yahoo Sports reported this week that the Rockets are selecting 14 and 23 in the suspended first round to get into the top 10.

That there is a leak of the great men, and the Pistons, the twins Biyombo, Thompson and Morris are elected. You may decide that the agreement with Houston, Markieff Morris pick at number 14 and make another selection later in the first round.

But one thing is certain: there are no certainties when it comes to the NBA Draft this year.


FSU Singleton says he can not do anything for the team in the NBA


The NBA is a league of light-it-up. Electric fans love players who are 30 points and a perfect mate can display.
Chris Singleton may be a few points. And there were some amazing friends in three seasons at Florida.
 But Singleton believes with NBA teams, more than any other in the future for the 23rd Project June Singleton believes that teams the full package.
 I feel like a modern version of the (Scottie) Pippen was,  Singleton said to combine in the NBA.  I feel I can do anything. I can pass, shoot, dribble and play defensively.

NBA draft analysts project that Singleton, probably the best defensive player in college basketball in 2010-11, be taken in the middle of the first round.
It would be the ninth first-round pick in Seminole to take in the NBA, and FSU would get first-round draft Singleton in the NFL (Christian Ponder) and MLB Draft (Sean Gilmartin) this year.
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The consensus is that Singleton is one of the top forwards available. Most of the projects range from the removal of No. 10 and No. 20

Singleton led the Seminoles in scoring (13.1 points) and rebounds (6.8) last season. He was one of the best shot-blocker ACC steals and sent to the establishment.
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FSU also led the nation in percentage of field goal defense, holding opponents to shoot just 36 percent from the floor last season.

We had to commit is the best defensive team in the country to play Chris-defense,  said FSU coach Leonard Hamilton.  Because it was our team leader and is committed to the defense of our players have followed suit, and I wanted everything to be great defenders.